I am happy to answer any questions you have about my work before scheduling.

And even after scheduling please feel free to reach out-- it is normal to feel some anxiety about starting this process.

Prior to your first visit you will need to complete the paperwork that will inform you of your rights and my policies, and I will also ask for some basic information about you. If you can't complete the paperwork prior to our first session or prefer to complete it in-person, please arrive 10 minutes before our start time.

Download the Credit Card Consent and Rights and Responsibilities Form below:


Key to therapy being effective

Is your knowing that I will provide a safe, authentic, nonjudgmental environment, and my knowing that you are ready to be open and honest with yourself and with me. This may take time. Let's give this a chance and communicate regularly about how it's going.


What to know about Confidentiality

There are laws in place to protect the client's identity and confidentiality; information about our therapy cannot be disclosed without the client's written permission through signing a Release form. The following are exceptional scenarios in which the law would not apply:

-If a client plans to harm him/herself, I will make every effort to enlist his/her cooperation in ensuring safety. If the client does not cooperate, I will make best effort to ensure safety.

-A client threatens serious harm to an identified victim.

-Suspected child, dependent adult, or elder abuse.