From time to time we all get disconnected.

Away from ourselves, and emotionally isolated from others, too. If this feels like a theme for you, or happens more than you can tolerate, or is affecting your relationships, let's talk about it.



I view problems or issues from a systemic perspective. That means I am curious about our key relationships past and present, the roles we play, the rules we follow, and where our identity and value systems come from. I am trained to take an integrative approach with clients, meaning I carefully combine the most relevant therapeutic techniques and theories to go as deeply as needed to create the type of change clients are yearning for. When it comes to our work together you are the expert on you, and I am the expert on mental health issues, so we work collaboratively and I learn from you, too. I am trained in and utilize techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapies, narrative therapies, psychodynamic theory, "parts" work... and most formally experiential, family of origin, and attachment-based approaches.



Together with clients I look at their constraints and how to lift them. Sometimes constraints are more overt or obvious, and sometimes we discover more deeply ingrained and potentially harmful patterns that need healing. Healing comes from holding space for the more hidden and vulnerable parts of themselves, and then learning new ways of taking care of themselves and relating to others. In doing so, clients reach new capacities for self-love, awareness, and intimacy with others.


"When you recognize that you will thrive not in spite of your losses and sorrows, but because of them, that you would not have chosen the things that happened in your life, but you are grateful for them, that you will hold the empty bowls eternally in your hands, but you also have the capacity to fill them?


-Cheryl Strayed